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“No Rules” Attitude

Yolanda Variano is a Contributing Editor to Yolanda is a fashion tastemaker in New York City.   She has been the Owner and Chief Buyer of Palma Soho, a boutique in NYC, for over 30 years. Yolanda has impeccable taste and a great eye for fashion.  I am beyond excited that she is collaborating with me on!

Lately, Yolanda is getting her inspiration not from the runway, but from the streets. Here are some looks and pieces she is loving right now (and why!).

1. Sleeveless Coats – Very chic.  Sleeveless coats have an effortless quality and pull an outfit together.

Sleeveless Coat Yolanda Blog


Sleeveless coat idea, but the winter verson.

Sleeveless Coat #2

2.  Lace, Tulle, and Black Leather – combining “delicate” (lace, tulle) with “hard core” black leather.  So happy all the rules are history!

3.  Wool & Lace – again, we see the “no rules” attitude”

Wool and Lace4.  Unexpected Use of Leather – Leather pleated skirt.

Leather Pleated Skirt5.  Lacing  – Lacing Anywhere, on a skirt, on a bracelet, on pants, on a blouse, as a quiet detail.

Lace Up Pic

Lace Up Pic 2