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Must Haves for Different Personal Styles (Part Un)

We’re thrilled and excited to welcome Amy Roseveare as our guest blogger. Amy is a much sought after stylist and image consultant. Twice she has been voted one of the best personal shoppers in the Bay Area by San Francisco Magazine.   She also has her own blog, where she shares her deep passion and love of jewelry.

I sat down with Amy to talk about different personal styles recently. Not everyone fits into a neat little category, but many of us do gravitate towards one particular fashion persona. I gave Amy five examples of personal styles and she created a capsule collection of must-have accessories and jewelry for each one.  This week we will see Amy’s capsule collection for the Classic style.  And then every week in March I will post a new capsule collection for the remaining styles on our list.  Here they are–which style are you?

Classic – This person has an elegant, sophisticated style and gravitates towards classic silhouettes and pieces like a LBD, a killer pencil skirt, pumps and a classic trench coat. Always pulled-together no matter what the occasion, their looks are timeless and never dated. For me, Kate Middleton and Gwyneth Paltrow epitomize this style.

 Bohemian – This is the free spirited woman who marches to the beat of her own drum. A refined hippy vibe and strong influences from the 60s, like maxi-dresses, define this style. Think Kate Hudson and Rachel Zoe.

Glamorous- If this is your personal style, you probably feel most beautiful dressed in a gown. You don’t do basics and you only wear sneakers to the gym. Even your casual outfits are slightly dressed up (maybe with something with sparkles).   High heels, fur, sequins, and lace – you love them all. Good examples: Jennifer Lopez and Anne Hathaway.

Fashion Forward – A fashion forward person always wears something unexpected and out of the box. She looks effortless, never obvious or overly done up. When I think of fashion forward style, I immediately think of Cate Blanchett, one of my personal style icons. She opens our minds and sets trends rather than following them. Emma Stone is another example. She recently wore a custom Lanvin pant outfit which was fun and out of the box.

Edgy & Cool – Sexy and daring, if this is your personal style you are always wearing the latest trends, but never completely playing by the rules. Even your refined looks have a little bit of edge. For me, Rihanna, is the best example of this type of style and, boy, does she do it so well.

Amy:  I’ve had so much fun shopping online for these five different styles, Maria! I decided to select a three-piece accessory capsule for each style, including a bag, a shoe, and a piece of jewelry. They all coordinate with each other, and each piece should effortlessly work back with their existing wardrobes. It’s my belief that we should take some shopping cues from our fashionista friends in Europe. By that, I mean investing in fewer things each season, yet choose the best quality you can afford. In doing so, your cost-per-wear will be substantially lower than if you filled your closet with a ton of (less expensive) stuff that you rarely wear and doesn’t last for the long run. Granted, the items I’ve selected are substantial investments, but if they’re not in your budget, just take them as style ideas and look for similar items at price-points you’re comfortable with.


By now, I’m assuming that the classic gal has had her fill of black bags, so for spring, I’m suggesting a grey capsule. Grey is still very classic, yet gives things a little twist for the season. First, is a Saint Laurent shoulder bag.  I love the mix of warm and cool with the leather color and metal details.

YSl Grey BagI love this paired with these chain-mail look pumps by Manolo Blahnik. They are still a very classic silhouette, yet the texture really adds some interest. Couldn’t you see Kate Middleton wearing these?

Manolo BlahnikFinally, in lieu of pearl studs or hoops, which I know the classic gal has a jewelry box full of, I’d add these moonstone earrings by Nak Armstrong. The neutral stone would be extremely versatile, and they provide some nice sparkle by the face, drawing one’s attention right there.  I also love how the shape of the earrings harmonized with the stitching on the bag.

Moonstone Earrings