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I had been walking by an antique store on Fillmore Street for years without paying too much attention to it. But in December, I spied beautiful candelabra in the window. I had my nose pressed up against the window for weeks—each time I tried to visit, the store was either closed for holiday vacation or I had come before or after closing hour.

Meanwhile, I’ve been dreaming about green plates to go with design of my condo.

A few weeks ago, I visited Mureta Antiques and this time they were opened. And they also had these beautiful plates:

Art deco, 1930s, 24K gold leaf trim. I mulled for a few days and then purchased them. Here they are on my dining room table:

The plates were wrapped up in a lot of tissue paper, so yesterday I returned the paper to Gary (the wonderful owner) so he could reuse the tissue paper. Then, of course, I saw these dessert wine glasses and practically fainted:

They are handmade Venetian glasses from the 1930s. Sigh—I am in love! If you are wondering about these fantastic plates in background, they are also from 1930s (10 plates priced at $750).

Needless to say, this is one of my new favorite stores.